Our administrative team

Operations Managers

Our operations managers are responsible for the day to day running of our two surgeries, and are always happy to talk to patients about any suggestions to improve services:

Julia Collins- Brixworth Operations Manager

Sarah Berry- Guilsborough Opertions Manager

Practice Manager – Claire Deare

Claire oversees both surgeries and is responsible for long term planning and strategy, legal and regulatory compliance and the business management of the practice, which has become more complex over the years. She is supported by the operations managers, and our finance administrator Alison Smith.

Secretarial team

Sarah Payne, Cindy Cardell (Brixworth)

Helen Harris, Joanne Wade (Guilsborough)

Administration team

Bernadette Ashman, Samantha Moore, Johanne Osborne (Brixworth)
Judith Crook, Holly-Jo Gilford, Beryl Sharp (Guilsborough)

Reception team

Deborah Costello, Tracy Brown, Alison O’Dell, Claire Lockwood, Carole McHugh (Brixworth)

Debbie Smith, Sarah Andrew, Fiona Caswell, Lesley Eaton, Jackie Ripley, Sian Hetherington, Tina Mann (Guilsborough)

Dispensary team

Eva Milburn, Bernadette Billingham,  Alison Ingram, Samantha Riseley (Brixworth)

Karen Anderson, Jeanette Reilly, Louise Healy, Jenny Eldred, Lisa Payne (Guilsborough)

Prescription Clerks

Johanne Osborne (Brixworth)

Lynda Noakes (Guilsborough)