Covid-19 Vaccinations

COVID-19 Vaccination Update 22/3/2021

So far, some 17,500 vaccinations have been given and we anticipate that all patients in Cohorts 1-9 will have had their first vaccination by the end of March. This is well ahead of the national picture. We believe there are some 500 patients in the network who have not yet been booked in for their first vaccination. If you are aged over 50 and think you have been missed, please call Weedon Surgery on 01327 340212, option 4.Undoubtedly, you will have seen that vaccine supplies in April will be reduced. The government has indicated that there will still be adequate supplies to honour all second doses. The recall system for the second doses is well organised. Invitations to book second appointments will be triggered 70 days after the first vaccination. PLEASE DO NOT CALL BEFORE THE 70 DAYS HAS ELAPSED. The Northants Rural Network has applied to vaccinate Cohorts 10-12 (adults under 50) and, if approval is given, will start vaccinating these cohorts in May.

COVID-19 Vaccination Update 16/2/21

The vaccination programme at the Weedon site continues to progress well. So far some 12500 vaccinations have been done. At the time of writing almost all 65-69 year olds have been vaccinated or have appointments in the next few days and we are moving onto the very large group in Tier 6. This group comprises of those individuals with a significant medical condition and aged between 16 and 64 years of age.

Initially we propose to vaccinate the eldest individuals in this group this amounts to about 2400 patients. Subsequently we propose to vaccinate all people in this cohort with diabetes, a learning disability or a very high body mass index. We then propose to vaccinate the rest of the patients in this tier.

Depending on vaccination supply this is likely to take several weeks.

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Update 5th February 2021

Northants Rural Network (Saxon Spires Practice) would like to make you aware that if you get a letter from the national booking service inviting you to a mass vaccination site for a Covid jab – you are still eligible to have a vaccination at our local site (Weedon Surgery). Please contact them on 01327 340 212 (option 4) and they would be very pleased to make you an appointment.

We are currently vaccinating all patients over 70 years old as well as all “shielded” patients. We are expecting to move to all patients over 65 very soon.

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COVID-19 Vaccine: We will get in touch with you when it’s your turn to be vaccinated.
The first phase of the vaccination programme has started and is prioritised by age. The Covid-19 vaccinations are only available to the NHS through a limited number of hospital and GP vaccination hubs. These vaccinations are free of charge.
To find out which priority group you are in, click on the link below…/covid-19-vaccination-first-phase…
When we are ready to deliver the vaccine for your priority group, you will receive a text message (if we have a mobile number on record) inviting you to make an appointment for your vaccination. The text message will contain a link which takes you to the appointment booking page, after you have confirmed your I.D. We will telephone those patients for whom we do not have a mobile telephone number to make you an appointment.
PLEASE NOTE: we will not ask for any personal information such as name, address or bank details. We will not charge a fee for the vaccine or its administration. If you are asked for this information, do not enter any personal information, it is a scam!
This is a long term programme and it is likely to take until at least Spring before all the priority groups (there are 9 of them) have been offered a COVID-19 vaccine.
Please help us to help you:
We ask patients not to contact the practice regarding when they will receive their vaccine and we want to reassure you that we will be in touch with eligible patients as soon as vaccines become available to us,
We appreciate many of you would prefer to have your vaccination at your surgery however; we are delivering the programme as a Primary Care Network (PCN – a group of practices) from our designated site in Weedon. The vaccination will be administered by a fully trained Medical Professional.
Further information is available from the Gov.UK website

COVID-19 Update – 08 January 2021

Nearly 4000 vaccinations have been given and nearly all of those over 80 have been vaccinated and all care home staff in our area and residents of care homes have been vaccinated.
Shortly we will start to vaccinate the 75-80 year old age group and aim to have them all vaccinated as quickly as possible.  We have the capacity to vaccinate 3000 people per week.  The limiting factor at the moment is availability of the vaccine, not doctors and nurses to vaccinate.

COVID vaccinations will start to be available for eligible patients from week commencing 14 December. Due to the nature of the COVID vaccine, it is not currently possible for all practices to vaccinate their own patients, as we do for other conditions such as seasonal flu.

Phase 1 of the national vaccination programme is focused on the direct prevention of mortality and supporting the NHS and social care system. Patients have been prioritised into groups, starting with patients residing in care homes and patients aged over 80.

There will be one designated vaccination site for each Primary Care Network (PCN) grouping. The designated site for Saxon Spires patients to attend will be at Weedon Medical Practice.

You will appreciate this programme is being rolled out quickly and we are still working our the details, including awaiting to hear about the dates when the vaccinations will be delivered, and the appointment booking system we will use. This is the first time our practice has participated in a collaborative arrangement with other practices in this way, and we are working through all the practicalities as quickly as we can.

The decision about the priority order for which patients receive the vaccination first is made by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI).

You can read the full guidance on the prioritisation cohorts here.